DNN Webhosting

DNN (Dot Net Nuke) is a CMS (Content Management Software) for building professional websites. As we are using this system since many years it helps us providing you an easy to use environment for building and maintaining your own website in a professional way. The software doesn't require you to have deep knowledge in web programming languages like ASP.NET, Java or even HTML. The system provides you different modules which can be used to build your website that fit your needs. It supports not only modules for providing information or media but also complete user management including groups and users which can get different access rights to your website. We'd be glad to demonstrate the system to you and show you how it fits all your needs. Of course we'd also help you doing the first steps and a short introduction to the system.


  • User Management
  • Filetransfer
  • Many designing opportunities due to skins and themes
  • Galleries
  • Videos
  • Backup plans

my name is
Alexander Allmendinger.

Most likely I'll be the first person you're going to talk to in case you're interested in one of our services or products. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

I'm available by phone in English or German +49 7162 93233 - 11
or via E-Mail
I would be happy to hear from you.